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Imagini Dreambox
« : Mai 16, 2012, 01:27:53 a.m. »
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Re: Imagini Dreambox
« Răspuns #1 : Iunie 08, 2012, 01:15:07 p.m. »
Imagine pentru DM 500 HD

Enigma2 3.2.2: 27.03.2012
Enigma2 Plugins: 29.03.2012
Newnigma2 Plugins: 29.03.2012
DM 500 HD
driver: 22.03.2012
secondstage: 84
kernel: 2.6.18
Notice: Onlineupdate from v3.3.* is possible.
Update: libdvdnav and libdvdread
Update: brushedalu-hd, elgato-hd, dmconcinnity-hd, kerni-hd1, kerni-hd1r2 and yads-hd with new screen (see below)
Bugfix: fixed newnigma2-hd (RC's)
Bugfix: fixed possible crash with infinity.mod.newnigma2-hd
Bugfix: fixed double entries in the device list
Bugfix: fixed devicemanager fusermount (djmount)
Bugfix: fixed picon flash destination (OSD Settings)
Bugfix: fixed default settings, default RC dm500hd, dm7020hd
Bugfix: fixed Configsaver (keymap_custom.xml)
Added: minidlna (click here for more information)
Added: enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-3dsettings (thx to Dr.Best)
Added: enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-vps
Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-eurotictv (thx to DMM)
Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-ecasa (thx to ritzmo)
Added: util-linux-ng-blkid and kernel-module-cdc-acm to our feeds
New: plugin enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-sportportal (click here for more information)
New: plugin enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-mediatomb with gui configuration (click here for more information)
New: plugin enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-eporner (click here for more information)
New: userfriendly FTP feature of enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-vpn
For Skinners: new screens (menu -> settings -> system -> harddisk):
HarddiskDriveSelection - HarddiskDriveSetup - HarddiskMountpointBrowser
Since e2 v3.2.2 u have to put following screen into your skin.xml: RecordPathsSettings. This screen is removed out of the plugin and it would crash, if u dont have it in your skin.xml
Info: ftdi patch for kernel 2.6.18 added. that patch enables triple/quad reader support.
Info: google gears support has ended. please uninstall it, if u installed it.
Info: mkv + idx/sub not longer work with new e2. pls feel free to post in dmm forum.
changelog e2: Enigma2
Only necessary if there is no actual image with SecondStage 84 installed.
IMPORTANT: Starting today (that was 05.09.2011) images for the models DM500HD, DM800 SE and DM800HD PVR include an improved flash error correction feature.
In order to benefit from the improvements, it is required that you either flash the new image with the latest version of DreamUP (V1.3.3.9) or flash a new second stage loader ( DM500HD DM800HD PVR DM800 SE ) before flashing the image via your browser or other means.
Nur notwendig wenn noch kein aktuelles Image mit SecondStage 84 auf der Box installiert ist.
WICHTIG: Seit dem heutigen Tag (das war der 05.09.2011) enthalten die Images für die Dreambox Modelle DM500HD, DM800 SE und DM800HD PVR eine verbesserte Fehlerkorrektur für den Flash-Speicher.
Um die Neuerungen benutzen zu können, muss entweder ein vollständiges, neues Image mit der neuesten Version von DreamUP (V1.3.3.9) geflasht werden, oder zunächst ein neuer Second Stage Loader ( DM500HD DM800HD PVR DM800 SE ) installiert werden, bevor darüber ein neues Image geflasht wird.
here u can find USB to UART driver
info: since release of e2 v. 3.2 there is no dm7025 support yet. that's what dmm said.
Multiboot: No support for multiboot. Not planned. No need for such a tool.
GP3wizard: No support for gp3wizard. Probably not running. Not needed in Newnigma2 environment.